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Yellow Labrador Retriever | English Male
105 lb yellow male English Labrador retriever
Champion/Hall of  Bloodline

Proven stud to show quality pups. Throws males with 'blocky' heads and thick,
stalky bodies. Has up-to-date certificates from OFA (hips/elbows), CERF (eyes).
Has up-to-date clearances on thyroid and heart.
Yellow and Chocolate Labrador Retriever Puppies
Silver Labrador Retriever
Labrador Retriever Puppies
Silver Labrador Retriever
Silver Labrador Retriever
80 lb male American
Beavercreek Kennel Bloodline

*Throws male Labrador Retriever pups that weigh just over 80-95 lbs at adulthood. Female
Labrador retriever pups weigh about 7
5-80 lbs at adulthood, due to his large parents
Very high recommendations from ALL owners:
Eager to learn... easy to train... faithful companion...
The proof is the references from Potomac Highland Retriever Owners
OFA good | Elbows normal      Eyes Clear
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Potomac Highland Retrievers have impeccable reputations when it comes to
their offspring. Again, all AKC litter records are always open for you to contact
ANY previous buyer of one of our Labrador puppies.
Black Labrador Retriever
64 lb American Labrador Retriever. She is a very affectionate & obedient dog in every
aspect. Buster & Ellie's litter throws pups that are excellent examples of
AKC breed standard conformation.

OFA good | Elbows normal       Eyes Clear
All Labrador Retrievers used for breeding are two years of age or older and have
certificates and/or clearances on hips, elbows, eyes, heart & thyroid.
Yellow Labrador Retriever, Female
Yellow Labrador Retriever, Female
70 lb female Yellow American Labrador Retriever
Very strong desire to retrieve. Extremely personable and friendly. She gets along very well with
other dogs and has an amazing instinct to mother and guide younger dogs. Her puppies, in turn, are
adaptable and easy to train.
OFA Good         Eyes Clear